These animals are made from re-purposed materials - our excess sock and fabric scraps and stuffed with reclaimed polyester mill scrap. Each animals embroidered details are securely sewn on to make them safe for all ages.

Like the tie dye look, then you will love our tie dye socks Tie Dye Crew

*Made in the USA

*Sewn by Opportunity Threads, a 100% worker-owned sewing cooperative

*Co-designed and created by Maggie's Organics and Opportunity Threads

The story of Opportunity Threads:

After helping to establish two worker-owned production cooperatives in Nicaragua, Maggie's was motivated to bring the idea home to the US, where so many apparel workers have lost their livelihood. In 2007, we met members of the Guatemalan Mayan community from Morganton, NC, one of the many towns in the southeast where boarded up apparel mills abound. These workers turned our dream into a reality.

The cooperative began by sewing stuffed animals from our extra socks. We have since added Scarves, Hairware, and a line of Skirts and Dresses, and the co-op has added many other customers. These workers are both talented and dedicated, and put it all on the line each day for a chance to build their own business. We are increasingly impressed by their creativity and ability to rise to each new challenge. There is much left to do to make this project a success, but it continues to be a source of pride for us all. They have aptly named their business Opportunity Threads, and we are proud to be their partner.

Please note that these Stuffed Animals are not available for sale outside the USA.