I am sitting here wearing a pair of your crew socks. I took me months to find socks I could wear. Everything here is made with petro based products which I am allergic to. I also don't understand why anyone would want to wear clothes made from plastic. Back to your socks, finally my feet are warm and comfortable! These socks don't cut off my circulation as socks from fashion dept. do! Thank you so much for bringing my feet exactly what I need!!

~ Danielle, Maryland

In July I went through my second ankle reconstruction in just over a year. I had been unable to wear socks comfortably due to swelling and sensitive skin. A loving friend brought me a pair of your cotton crew socks. I thought how different could they be? What a difference they made. They're soft, they're not tight and seem to have a cushion in the bottom that allows me to walk easier. I can't believe one pair of socks can make that much of a difference but I was wrong!

~ Kelly

Maggie's Cotton Crew socks have accompanied me to bed every night for more than five years. They are a delight to my feet: not too tight or too loose, and never too warm even during a hot, Texas summer. Thank you for helping me get a good night's sleep!

~ Carol, Texas

I have worn these socks for quite sometime and kind find nothing like them. They are simply the best and most comfortable. They are worth the $! My local grocery store does not carry the chocolate brown, so I have to order on the website.

~ lisa, fayetteville, NY

I have four pairs of these socks and they are all I wear! They are so comfy and they always fit right, no bagging or slipping, unraveling or holes, even after more than a year of wear. they are worth 100 pairs of cheaper socks.

~ Rachel, Virginia

I bought a pair of these socks in a small-town grocery store. They were a small souvenir of my trip, but they're so comfortable that I want more!

~ Linda, Santa Barbara, CA

I've worn these crews for years. They are so soft and comfortable. I've got happy feets!

~ David, Virginia

Love your socks! Sooo comfortable. Discovered them at the Cranston, RI Whole Foods market. Thank you.

~ Lori, RI

My socks arrived today love them!! Thank you for your prompt service.

~ Sue, CA

My feet tend to swell and all socks I found in stores either bind at the top or stretch and fall down. I was told by a Nurse Practitioner to wear all cotton socks. Found these on line and ordered 3 pair. They're great! They stay up and don't bind. They feel comfortable too. I'm going to buy more in several colors.

~ Carol, West Chester, PA

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