Just wanted to tell you that I was on my way back from Expo West and when I removed my boots at the security checkpoint at LAX, I was voted the passenger with the coolest socks - they were Maggie's tie-dyed crew!

~ Denise, Virginia

  I own a variety of styles and colors of your socks, the Tie Dye ones are of course my favorite (Even if I must dress somewhat conservatively, I can still have funky feet!)...

It was almost a sad day for me whan I finally acknowledged that my socks were no longer functional on my feet, but I realized my heels had created the perfect thumb holes and my socks were re-born into arm warmers...

~ Cara


~ unknown

These are great! I have several pair and have had them for years. The color lasts but they can bleed onto other things even in cold water and after several washes so I always wash the tye dye socks separately from anything else to be safe.

~ Shirley, virginia

  My tie died socks are the coolest thing ever!I really love them. I get lots of compliments on them. :)

~ April, Florida

Endless compliments on my tie dye socks !!! Pretty much all I wear. I think I have 6 pairs. Ready for a new color and pattern.

~ Andrea, Auburn CA

I've had a pair of Maggies tye dye socks for about 7 years now. I am a Middle School teacher. I started wearing them each week as my "Friday" socks. Every Friday, I'd put them on under my boring khakis and dress shoes as my own private celebration of the end of the work week. It caught on and after a few years nearly every teacher in my wing was wearing their own "Friday Socks". My wife and kids have Friday socks too! The socks are still kicking and haven't worn through yet. When they do, I'll be coming back to Maggies for another pair!

~ Bill, Pennsylvania

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