First, I really appreciate and affirm your values as an organization, in fair labor, organics, fair trade, and the other guiding values you have chosen. Businesses like yours really are helping to make the world a better place, and helping individuals do that, as well.

Second, I want to tell you that I appreciate the message, "on earth peace" on your socks. We need all the peaceful messages we can send and receive, and your socks are a great way to express that hope for peace. A more specific reason that I love that message is that I am part of an organization, 35 years old now, called On Earth Peace. So your socks are really heart-warming as well as foot-warming!

~ Bob, Indiana

Yet another important moment while I was wearing my "just breathe" knee-hi socks. I had to have a repeat mammogram and I was very frightened. I wore the socks and kept on breathing. They worked I guess - I'm fine!

~ Arlene, Michigan

6 years ago I decided to switch out my wardrobe for all organic, fair trade clothing and I replaced my old socks with Maggie's. I have never worn a better-made or more comfortable pair of socks. I haven't had to replace a single pair, even 6 years later! I have a pair of Maggie's for every occasion from dressy to funky, lounging to everyday active. Thank you Maggie's for making high-quality products that consider both people and the planet.

~ Jenni, Rochester, NY

My feet have a tendency to get cold and your socks do an amazing job of keeping my tootsies warm. The thermostat at my work slides between 50-85 degrees all day and these work wonders for my feet's climate control. Thanks so much for making an excellent product, with great value. One that stays up around my big calves and doesn't fall down after numerous washes.

~ Colleen, CA

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