~ Zeena


~ Elliot


~ unknown

I got the chicken for my 1 year old niece at Christmas in hopes that it would become her "lovie". They live in Iowa and I live in Connecticut so I had to check in regularly that her mom was "softly encouragaing" Piper to adopt "Larry the Lovie" as her favorite go-to stuffed animal. Thankfully, she has!! Unfortunately I got a call from her mom the other day that "larry the lovie" now named "bock bock" had some unfortunate bodily fluid on him, which tends to happen with toddlers. I went back to the store where I bought "him" and found another one thankfully! I love these animals, they are so unique and cuddly! I'm so happy Bock Bock is Piper's lovie! :) Thanks Maggie!

~ Genevieve, Connecticut

  Attached is a picture of my kitty, Spirit, snuggling with her new “baby”. She is already fiercely protective of it and doesn’t allow the other kitties to approach!

~ Joann, Northern California

  We recently received one of your tie-dyed chickens as a gift, and it's a hit with our daughter - just thought you might appreciate a photo of it in action. Thanks for doing good things.

~ T.G., NY

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