Your socks are wonderful! I've developed very sensitive skin and have had a lot of irritation around my ankles. But, I tried two pairs of your organic crews and I've had no burning or redness. I just ordered seven more pairs and pre-ordered three of your monkeys. You have great products and a great mission; I buy from you with pride.

~ Karen

I love Maggie's crew socks!!! I've never paid so much for socks, but after my first pair 6 years ago ( My feet are wide and I like the 10-13 size) I have bought nothing else!!! I love buying the tie dye for gifts---how 'bout some new colors--maybe red, white and blue or black and white :) Today I bought a few for gifts---glad I decided to come to the web site Thanks!

~ Chris

I thought a sock was a sock. Much to my pleasure I was at the New Pi Coop Iowa City and bought the new tri pack. OMG my feet feel so comfortable. and that's hard to have happen with large toes being broken and a swollen ankle. So thank-you for making an unpleasant time much better.

~ Holyn

Best socks ever. Comfortable, and not at all irritating where other socks were starting to cause irritation and leave red marks as if they were too tight. Can't wait to try the footie socks to wear with running shoes!

~ Shirley, Virginia

Absolutely recommend these socks. I own the footies and they just get softer as you where them but not like a thinning out soft. These are thick softer-than-ever socks. Literally feels like they are infused with aloe or something!! Also, bought my husband the black crew socks. He wears nothing else! I need to buy myself a collection in black so, I am BACK!! Very pleased returning customer!

~ Nicole Bokemeyer, Jacksonville

I am a first time customer and wanted to say how delighted I am with the tri-pak socks I ordered from Maggie's. These are the softest socks ever--I highly recommend Maggie's and will pass this sentiment on to fellow friends and family. Thank you for a soft, comfortable, green eco-friendly product!

~ Jim, Texas

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