My skin is sensitive to synthetic fibres, though not extremely so, and I often struggle to find socks with as high a cotton content as possible. While Maggie's regular cotton crew socks (89% cotton) don't irritate my skin, I find I really love the almost-all-cotton feel of the 99.8% cotton ones, even if they do fall down a bit more. One word of caution: I am not sure that the stitching at the toe seam is done with cotton thread; it looks shinier than cotton. This is not a problem for me, but for people with extreme sensitivities, it may be, and I think Maggie's should be explicit about what thread they use for this. I recognize that undyed is best for people with extreme sensitivity, but I wish they came in more colours for people like me who simply love the cotton content without being dye-sensitive.

~ Rachel, Columbus, OH

What a great sock! I am pleased with them. I wish they had an option to come with elastic natural rubber. That way they stay up better. I know people need socks like these with next to 100% cotton, with no elastic. I will buy more of these.

~ Gary, Parma Heights, Ohio

I am allergic to formaldehyde. These socks are safe! Thank you Maggie's

~ Bill, Madison, WI

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