I am wearing a pair of the socks you 'donated' to the fire department and I wanted to tell you that they are very comfy!! Being on my feet a good part of the day, I really like cushy socks and these are great!! My only complaint would be is that they are not long enough to go above the boots I wear most days, but that is a minor issue. So far, Max (who was at your business on Thursday) has been the only other person to wear them, or at least tell me what they think of the socks. He really liked them, as well. Keep up the good work!!"

~ Captain Michelle Stanbury, Ypsilanti Fire Dept., Ypsilanti, MI

I had to write to say that I bought your Maggie's Sport Socks at a local natural foods store. They are the socks of my life! So comfortable and soft. As soon as I could, I had to go over there and buy another pair.

~ Sandy, Brunswick, ME

I bought 3 pairs of the tall sports socks, and I love them ! They fit well, are so comfortable, and they are made from all organic fiber! I see many more pairs of these socks in my future.

~ Barbara Bergstrom, Astoria Oregon

My most comfortable socks!

~ Nadya, Oakland, CA

  When Ryan came to fix our sewer at Maggie's a few days ago, we gave him pair of sport socks because he was curious to what we do. He came by again today, and he said he needed some more socks! He works in boots all day and the sport socks kept his feet dry. By the time we brought out another pair, he had already taken off his Hanes sock and was ready to switch right then and there!

~ Ryan Moon, owner of Diversified Excavating, Ypsilanti, MI

I bought a few pairs for my husband and daughter to try out...they both asked for more. My husband works on his feet all day in heavy work boots and these are great, keeping his feet comfy and dry. My daughter plays volleyball and loves them. I bought 4 more pair this month.

~ Mary Korte, Star, ID

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