Our Maggie’s Organic socks made our feet happy throughout the Grand Circle Tour. Never leave home without them!

~ Susan

I LOVE the Killington Mountain Hiker socks! They are warm and cushy. My feet are always cold in the winter and these socks keep my feet very warm.

~ Maria

LOVE THESE SOCKS!! I have 3 pairs and wear them as soon as the weather starts getting cool. I even wear them to bed! They are the only socks that have ever kept my feet truly warm at night and they don't slide off into the sheets as some thick socks do.

~ MCZ, Connecticut

  Hanging out after a long hike in beautiful northern Michigan. We love our Maggie's! xo

~ Annie, Marilyn and Gaylynn, Benzie County, MI

  These Killies are amazing! My feet are so warm and toasty in these socks - AND, I when I brought my dog to Purdue Univ. Vet Teaching School for an emergency surgery, I left him with one of the socks. Well, the vets thought it was the coolest sock so to thank them for all they've done for Scottie - I'm buying all the vets your socks! So you can thank Scottie for spreading the word!

~ Lori, NJ

These are my favorite socks - ever! I wear them every day. They are soft, warm and cozy, and my feet never sweat in them. Thanks so much for such a superior product.

~ Steven Smith, Elmer, NJ

After always having cold feet and finding that not even sock liners alone would work I bought a pair of these yesterday at a local grocery store...yes a very unique grocery store. Tried them today and they kept my feet so warm and I LOVED them so much I went back and bought 2 more pairs. What a GREAT find!!!

~ Allen, Pennsylvania

i love these socks! they are so warm and toasty-nothing compares!

~ naturegirl, new york

The BEST winter socks period.

~ RJ, New York City

My girlfriend urged me to try a pair of these when we saw them at our local co-op. I am now in the process of replacing all my old socks with the Killingtons. Fantastic quality and comfort.

~ Kevin, Pittsboro, NC

I bought a pair of Killingtons around the holidays. I have serious neuropathy affecting my feet. Socks have been the most difficult thing to find for years. All are too tight resulting in painful and COLD Feet. The Killingtons were like a miracle. The problem was when I went back to Whole Foods they were gone. I tried another location, then asked an employee who knew they were only brought in for the holidays. However, this young man was kind enough to look up your website for me. I just purchased a 3 pack for myself and one for my son who works outside and also constantly complains of cold feet. Thank you Maggie.

~ Kathleen, Michigan

"The wool socks from Maggie's are the softest, warmest and most comfortable socks I have ever worn. I ordered more pairs because I only want to wear these socks! Thanks for the ethics and the quality!

~ Mary A., Oregon

Just wanted to let you know I purchased a pair of the hikers and they are the Best sock I have ever worn, so comfortable!!. I’m going to Indiana so I thought they would be perfect to keep my feet warm. Very Cozy.

~ Julie, Costa Mesa, CA

I received a pair of these sock for xmas and they are the best. The most comfortable socks I've ever owned!

~ M.R., ****

These are hands down the best wool socks our cold Minnesota feet have found. I buy green for my twin, teen sons and black for me. My sons wear them ALL the time and steal mine if they can't find any of theirs clean. Need-less-to say, I buy them in large quantities. They are worth the price though since we get lots and lots of wear out of them.

~ MK, St. Paul, MN

Just so you know, I am addicted to your wool socks. I have always been picky about my socks, finding most types uncomfortable-too tight, too itchy, or too many seams-but not these socks. These warm, soft and fuzzy wool socks are a delight for my feet. Never before have I dreaded the return of the warm weather, but for now I hope summer stays away so I can keep these socks on my feet awhile longer. Thanks for making such awesome socks (your other socks are nice too, but none of them are like the experience of putting on a pair of your wool socks for the first time).

~ Naomi, CA

These are great year-round hiking socks - lightweight, warm, yet breathable, and very comfortable.

~ AC, Colorado

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