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Sleeveless Knit Dress, $30
Black, No Bleach White

Printed Scarves, $13
Peace Print, Fireflies or Snowflake

Fair Labor Tank, $15

Women's Certified Organic Cotton Clothing

“Simple and elegant… super functional and so cozy.”

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If you’re looking for comfortable women's clothes that fit right, feel good, and are made from certified organic cotton fiber, you’re in the right place. Maggie’s Organics has been making top-quality organic clothing since 1992. We’re now the longest-standing organic producer in the United States. Our women's clothing is comfortable, easy to wear, and designed to fit with a variety of fashions and lifestyles.

Novelist Allie Larkin, co-founder of TheGreenists.com, says Maggie’s Organics clothes are “simple and elegant… super functional and so cozy.” At TheGreenists.com, Allie reports that she loves the fashion –and flexibility – of Maggie’s Fair Labor Apparel tank top:

I love the cut of this tank top. The straps are wide enough to cover bra straps without any hassle, the neckline is flattering, but there’s no worry of flashing anyone because the scoop neckline isn’t too deep … I love that I could wear this under a sweater, but then not feel awkwardly exposed if I got too hot and wanted to take the sweater off.

Maggie's Organics now has a full line of women's clothing that's made with certified organic fibers, in sweatshop-free workplaces.

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