At Maggie’s, She Leads The Way

1st Mar 2023

At Maggie’s, She Leads The Way

With International Women’s Day just a week away, all of us at Maggie’s are joining the rest of the global community of Fair Trade Enterprises in celebrating the how the Fair Trade movement means #SheLeadsTheWay.

As a part of the global community of Fair Trade Enterprises, we’re committed to working towards a more equitable society where women have a seat at the table, a say in decision-making, and equal opportunities. But this isn’t new for Maggie’s. For over 30 years, we’ve championed Fair Trade by partnering with our producers every step of the way to ensure women are at the heart of our work and mission. Maggie’s is dedicated to being a shining example of a social enterprise fighting for gender justice – and here are just some of the ways we take action each and every day to ensure gender justice throughout our supply chain:

  • We create economic opportunities for women workers and producers from India to Tanzania to the United States and beyond. 
  • We practice Real Fair Trade, which ensures women are able to provide for their families and communities through their meaningful employment.

We’re working everyday to ensure that gender justice is happening at all levels. Because of our commitment to Fair Trade, we’re in business not only to sell the highest-quality products, but also to advocate and work for a world where women’s voices are not silenced but where there is equity between men and women.

So whether you’re sporting our athletic socks, cozying up in our sheets, or rocking a pair of our leggings, you can know that you are a part of the bigger movement for gender justice and increased opportunities for women.

At Maggie’s, we don’t just believe that #SheLeadsTheWay – we make sure that it is reflected in our work. From our cotton farmers in Tanzania to our design masters in India to our sock knitters in North Carolina, behind the label you’ll find we’re ensuring empowering opportunities for women all along our supply chain.