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FTF Conference and Spring Travels

Posted by Joel on

Happy Thursday! The air is warm and filled with drizzle here in Ypsilanti this morning, but we have ZERO complaints :) Winter coats are prepped for seasonal hibernation and Spring garments take the front-running spot in your closet, desperately fighting for your attention. Thankfully, we can help with that. As a matter of fact, our New Apparel works perfect for Easter outfits! Try mixing and matching your layers with some of our brand new colors for a wide variety.

In late March last month, Bena, our fearless leader traveled to Del Mar, California for the annual Fair Trade Federation Conference. She described being surrounded by wonderful, knowledgeable people with high-quality fair trade goods, as well as some excellent presentations from fair trade retailers. A very welcoming environment combined with the sunny southern California climate helped lead the trip to an overall success. The fun doesn't stop there though, as Bena plans to travel to Peru for the second time in 2 months this week for continuing overview of production facilities and strategy. We hope you have an excellent remainder of the week and enjoy the Spring!

A Little Space Please..

Hello and Happy Wednesday. It’s the middle of February and not only are we freezing but we’re running out of room! With our 2015 GOTS certified, Organic Cotton Apparel line coming in over the next few weeks, our current space is being taken over by beautiful garments! Thankfully, we managed to get our hands on [...]

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Wraps Jackets Are In!

Hello and Happy Thursday :) 2015 is starting as promised. Maggie's recently received the first shipment of our GOTS Certified Apparel line, new and improved Wrap Jackets! These Wrap Jackets are a vast improvement over the ones from our past, and are 100% organic cotton. Along with extremely comfy, at $30 they also come with an affordable price tag. [...]

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Happy New Year!

Another year goes by and were still wearing our socks proudly. 2014 was a wild ride filled with all sorts of turns and loops. 2015 promises to be even wilder as we plan to unveil some very special things for you. Thanks for standing by us and look out for new and upcoming things from [...]

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