Person with short brown hair and light skin standing in a cotton field. Text next to them reads: Rich Heritage.

Now feel this.

On your body, and in your heart: Clothing made the Maggie’s way feels good.

Soft, comfortable, functional, with organically grown cotton and wool from small farms in the U.S., Argentina, Peru, Tanzania and India. Made by skilled workers who are treated with dignity and respect, earn fair wages, and work in co-ops that we helped them build as well as family-owned and operated shops. We’ve traveled near and far to make sure our clothing is made the Maggie’s way: Ethical, sustainable, and transformative. In the process, we’re changing lives for the better.

A collage of six photos. Starting from the top left, the first photo shows a person sitting at a sewing machine. Top middle photo shows two people in a factory where yarn is spun. Top right photo shows a person sitting by a sewing machine with lots of colorful fabrics behind them. Bottom left photo is a close up of cotton growing in a field. Bottom middle shows a person standing next to a line of socks being dyed. Bottom right photo shows a person standing in a field of cotton holding up a branch of cotton.