Person standing in a field of cotton holding up a branch of cotton. Text next to them reads: Product Origins.


At Maggie's we are involved in every step of the production of each of our products, from the field to the finish. We're proud of the supply chains we have built, and we are thrilled to be working with each of our supply chain partners. 

And part of our mission is to connect you, our customers, with these partners whenever possible. We believe in transparency, not in hype. 

Below is a snapshot of every current product in our line, and where each step of production happens. For more details, see 'Behind the Label', or contact us anytime.         

ALL Organic Cotton Socks:

 • Fiber and Yarn GOTS Certified from Pakistan
 • Made by family-owned-and-operated knitting mills in North Carolina and Alabama

ALL Organic Wool Socks:

 • Organic Wool from small family farmers in Argentina, produced according to GOTS standards, treated with a special GOTS certified anti-shrink treatment
 • Thick Hiker Yarn spun at a 300-year old woolen spinning mill in Massachusetts
 • All other yarn spun at a GOTS certified mill in Germany
 • Knit at family mills in North Carolina and Alabama

Organic Cotton Apparel:

 • Fiber grown by cooperative organic farmers in Peru or India
 • Spun, knit, dyed, cut and sewn at family-run facilities  in Peru or India, all certified to GOTS standards

USA Made Apparel:

 • Fabric from Peru or India, made to GOTS standards
 • Cut and sewn at 100% worker-owned cooperative in North Carolina