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We give so you can, too.
Buy one pair. Get another pair free.
For the entire month of April and May, anyone who buys Maggie’s socks
will get twice as many pairs as they bought. One pair
becomes two, four becomes eight, and so on.
What to do with the extra socks?
Please give them away.
To an elderly neighbor who might be at risk.
To a health care worker on her feet all day, on the front lines.
To the guy restocking the canned goods at the grocery store.
Please give the extra pair(s) to someone who really needs them.
Maggie’s socks are made with love, dignity, and respect for
all the hands that make them, and for all the feet that wear them.
They’re like a nice, warm hug for your feet.
And the world needs more hugs right about now, don’t you think?
Be well. Give socks. Thank you.
*The free socks, while not visible in your cart, will be included in your shipment.*
For every pair of socks ordered, we will send you an additional identical pair.
Offer valid now thru Sunday, May 31st @ 11:59 PM EST.
Offer valid on single pair purchases only - No Value Paks or Variety Paks please.

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