About Maggie's

Since 1992, Maggie’s Organics has made timeless clothing and soft goods that last using techniques that respect people and our planet. We are committed to improving upon even the highest industry standards, reflected by our unprecedented Real Fair Trade pledge that aims for total transparency, total sustainability, and true ethical practices from farm to finish. It’s our promise to treat people, materials, and products with care and love. It is our commitment to always try to do the right thing—no matter how hard.


Our supply chains are built from the ground up across five continents. Our farming and ranching partners have spent generations learning how to work in harmony with nature. They rely on ethical practices and regenerative farming techniques, such as treating their livestock with care and rotating crops to revitalize the earth, to produce truly organic wool and cotton. These resources are turned into production-ready yarn and fabrics using the highest international organic standards, and then crafted into the Maggie’s products that you know and love. Learn more in Behind the Label. The common thread is a desire for the resulting product to be as natural as the raw ingredients that were first harvested from the earth.


But the biggest Maggie’s difference isn’t the techniques or the materials—it’s the people. The long-term partners that make up our global tapestry. They work in farm collectives, well-led factories, and family-owned shops to provide the high quality that is synonymous with Maggie’s Organics. Their hard work is integral to our process, and we believe that they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We know their names, have walked their land, and do everything in our power to protect their contributions and well-being with the same thoughtfulness that they weave into our products. We work to ensure that they receive fair wages, benefits, and a chance to share in the success of their efforts. Our founder Bená Burda had the passion and foresight to intertwine that mission into our DNA over thirty years ago. Our recent transition to employee ownership strengthened her legacy and safeguarded our ability to continue it. 


It would be cheaper and easier to cut corners, and you might not see the impact that our process has on our colleagues, our partners, or our planet, but you will feel it. Our approach guarantees that every resource and every person has been treated with dignity. The end result is a product that honors our community’s contributions and feels like love. Maggie’s Organics is dedicated to strengthening the threads that connect us. Let’s take the next step together.