Our Path to Employee Ownership

Our company began in 1992 with a challenge: is it possible to establish a successful, sustainable business while protecting the limited resources of the planet and respecting and dignifying each worker at every stage of production?  We believe the answer is yes; it is possible.  As we have grown and evolved through the years, we have stayed true to our mission while you, our customers, have encouraged, challenged, and supported us along the way.


In September 2023, our founder Bena took her well-deserved retirement after dedicating over 30 years to the work at Maggie's.  Again, staying true to our mission, we are transferring ownership to the employees of Maggie's.  We have partnered with Teamshares, who are assisting in transitioning Maggie's Organics to employee ownership over time.


Teamshares acquires businesses from retiring owners and immediately grants 10% of the stock to all employees, progressively increasing employee ownership to 80% over the next 15-20 years.


We are still based in beautiful countryside near Ann Arbor, Michigan.  And we will continue to prioritize working with our supply chains on improvements to quality, the environment, and living conditions for workers.  We will continue to develop direct relationships with organic small family farmers, and to maintain our long-term commitments to our producers.  We will continue to listen and learn from our suppliers and customers to ensure the best, highest quality products.  We will continue to be the Maggie's you know an love: the next generation.


As ever, we appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to serving  you for decades to come.  To learn more about how Maggie's started, watch the story here.