Person using an industrial cutter to cut stacks of colorful fabric. Text next to them reads: Transparency.

Maggie’s Organics endeavors to be completely transparent with all of our supply chains, all components used to make our products, and with our processes in making our products.

 • Visit Behind the Label to learn in-depth about each production step for each product we make
 • We publish annual Organic Certificates for every product on our website
 • Each product adheres to all USDA Organic Rule standards
 • We are intimately involved with our product from the amount of spandex in the product to the finishing of each toe seam
 • Every product tested by independent lab for verification of all label claims
 • You will not see “other fibers” as an ingredient on any Maggie’s product; we claim fiber content by name on each sock down to 1/10th of 1%