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Maggie's Gives

Maggie's Gives: Here’s How

At Maggie’s Organics, we pay it forward a bit differently than most companies. We help in and around our own community in Michigan as well as in the communities of our business partners thousands of miles away. In addition to giving our products – always first-quality goods, never seconds or throwaways – we give our time, too, to make sure our products get to the people who need them. We’re also crystal clear about our contributions, which is why our give-backs are based on sales, not profits. Profits can be manipulated. At Maggie’s Organics, we proudly give transparently.


Maggie’s Organics Provides Socks, Underwear for Ukrainian Refugees

On March 25, 2022, Maggie’s Organics founder and owner Bena Burda received an interesting email.  


“I am about to embark on a journey to Poland to help with the (Ukrainian) refugee crisis,” it said. “Other clothing has been donated, but there is a dire need for new socks and underwear (primarily for women and children).”


“Could you donate 200 pair of women’s underwear to the relief effort?” 


The email’s author, Joanna Trzeciak Huss, is Associate Professor of Russian and Polish Translation and Translation Studies at Kent State University. She  spent two summers conducting research in Lviv, Ukraine and “could not sit idly by” as Russia invaded Ukraine and forced millions of people to flee their home country.  


Joanna had been “wearing Maggie's Organics for years: socks, leggings, and underwear. I know how comfortable they are.”


Bena’s response was immediate.


“We can absolutely help.”


Bena told Joanna that in 1988, she participated in a month-long peace walk in the Ukraine. She’d recently revisited the photos from her time there, “complete with tears.”


“Such amazing people.”

Maggie's Organics staff packing products for donation to Ukrainian refugees

Maggie's Organics staff packing products for donation.


For Joanna’s trip, Maggie’s Organics provided 100 packages of women’s underwear, each containing two pair; and 60 pairs of socks.

On May 2, Joanna emailed Bena about her trip:


“I brought everything over personally and delivered to two places in Poznan, Poland. The first was a giant exhibition hall, MTP Poznan Expo Center. It had previously been converted to a Covid hospital, and was adapted as a temporary place of stay for about 800 refugees from Ukraine, mostly women and children. Some of the refugees have been living there for approximately a month. The city provides the space and pays for utilities, but all the rest, such as food and clothing, is donated by individuals.


“Before I entered the Expo Center, I encountered a group of refugees outside, and asked if they had any need for socks or underwear. They were overjoyed and said that this is one thing that they really need. The Maggie’s Organics socks and underwear were extremely popular and were snapped up instantly. The refugees had come from various parts of Ukraine, including Donetsk, suburbs of Kyiv, and Mariupol.


“The second place where I handed out the Maggie’s Organics socks and underwear was the Poznan Arena. People were living in an open air environment on the main stage, and some even sleeping on benches in the audience area.


“Thank you to Maggie’s Organics for providing much needed relief for the Ukrainians at a very difficult time. It was much appreciated. All best, Joanna.”


Joanna Trzeciak Huss traveled from Kent, Ohio to Poznan, Poland to provide Ukrainian refugees with much-needed supplies, including Maggie's Organics underwear and socks.


Joanna Trzeciak Huss, distributing Maggie's Organics clothing outside the Poznan Expo Center in Poland.


Children's shoes and boots, at the Poznan Expo Center.


Ukrainian refugees, with a container of Maggie's Organics clothing. 


Eco-Friendly Shipping with Grow Ahead

Carbon Responsible Shipping: For $1 you are planting a tree and balancing the carbon footprint of shipping to your doorstep.


We have partnered with Grow Ahead, a non-profit that partners with local farmer-run cooperatives, to plant trees in community-led reforestation projects that benefit people and the planet.


Maggie’s Organics gives you the option to plant a tree and take responsibility for the carbon footprint of shipping to your doorstep. Planting a tree is the gift that keeps on giving, leaving the planet better than you found it.


Help us make a positive impact. Plant a tree with your order for $1.


By selecting Carbon Responsible Shipping for $1.00 you are planting a tree to balance the carbon emissions of shipping your order.


Grow Ahead is a non-profit that connects people directly to small-scale farmer organizations to support them as they combat climate change in their communities. Grow Ahead partners with local farmer-run cooperatives to support community-led reforestation projects that benefit people and the planet.


Climate change is one of the biggest issues the world is facing and it is clear that we cannot go on with business as usual. Deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15-18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agroforestry is a solution working for farmers and the planet. Agroforestry is a way of planting trees, cash crops (like coffee and cocoa) and food together in a food-forest system. This allows farmers to restore water and nutrients to their soil, increasing production of food and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. By planting trees in agroforestry systems, farmers can meet the needs of their communities, while protecting the climate.


Help Endangered Species

Maggie’s is proud to partner with the Center for Biological Diversity. The Center works to secure a future for all species on the brink of extinction using science, law and creative media.


10% of your purchase of Organic Cotton Biodiversity Footie Socks helps protect lands, waters and climate that endangered species need to survive so that those who come after us inherit a world which supports animal and plant diversity.


Help Save the Bees

Feel good about wearing Maggie's Bee Keeper Socks for more than just their style and comfort.


10% of our sales from every pair of the Bee Keeper Socks will be donated to the Pollinator Partnership Bigger than Bees Program.


More than 200,000 species of pollinators are critical to the growth of our food supply. Without them, we would go hungry as they bring us 1 out of every 3 bites of food. Learn more about how you can help at