Person with short brown hair and light skin standing in a cotton field. Text next to them reads: Maggie’s Gives.


Maggie's believes in supporting the people and projects that are important to us as a company. See what's on our list! 



Blum's Landing Charity Event 2021

On Saturday, September 18, we had the honor of donating some of our beloved Organic Cotton Snuggle Stars & Stripes socks at the 4th Annual Open House & Dyno Days Charity in Plymouth, Michigan.

Blum’s Landing was built by Terry & Janer Blumberg in loving memory of their son Sgt. Trevor A. Blumberg-known to his fellow soldiers as “Blum.” Trevor was killed on September 14, 2003, in Fallujah, Iraq. He had also served in Korea and Afghanistan before deploying to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Trevor loved the outdoors, especially the woods, lakes, and rivers of Northern Michigan. He often spoke about bringing his fellow soldiers to Michigan for fishing and camping trips. This love for nature and his dedication and loyalty to his friends inspired the idea for Blum’s Landing.

Only minutes from the picturesque beaches of Lake Huron, Trevor’s parents built the 12-acre retreat in the tranquil wooded area on Orchard Lake near Rogers City, Michigan. Blum’s Landing welcomes current military personnel, veterans, and their families to their non-profit bed and breakfast to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Northern Michigan to relax, recoup, and re-energize from their current rehab and duties.

Stars and stripes footie socks inside of a portable coffee mug with the pledge of allegiance inscribed on the side.


Wear a pair, share a pair.

Congratulations, you survived one tough year. During the month of May, for every pair of socks purchased on our website, we will give another pair free.

We give, you give.

We ask that the extra pair(s) of socks you receive be given to show appreciation to those you got you through the year.

We would love to hear how you brightened someone’s day with your gift of giving and how that person helped you get through this tough year. Email or tag us on social media with a photo of how you gave back by spreading some love with your free pairs of socks.

Send emails to: or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @MaggiesOrganics

We are going to be collecting your stories and photos and posting them here. Come back often to see the giving and love.



Get One. Give One (2020)

During our Get One, Give One event, for every pair of socks purchased on our website, we sent an identical pair free.

We asked that the extra pair(s) were given to others, to make a difference in each customers’ communities. Our customers responded with amazing support. In fact, this was our most successful website program ever. Many shared pictures and descriptions of their donation and of the front-line faces that receive their gifts. Below are a few. Needless to say, they brought a tear to our eyes and lump to out throats.

Three photos in a collage. Starting from the top left, the first photo is the outside storefront of CVS Pharmacy. Button left photo is a colorful gift bag addressed to the workers of CVS. The right photo is an aged woman with white hair wearing a black coat. She gives a thumbs up hand sign while holding up a large green bag filled with Maggie’s socks. The text next to her reads: Entry One. Our first entry was from a customer of ours, Aimee. She sent us these photos from near the US epicenter. She wrapped her free socks and delivered them straight to the team at her local pharmacy. “They always go an extra mile for their local Yonkers NY community. We just wanted to say thank you and give their feet a comfy break”.
Woman standing outside in front of a pickup truck holding a blue grocery bag and several Maggie’s footie socks. The text next to her reads: Entry Two. And our second entry was from a gentleman, named Bob from Pinckney Michigan. He chose to give his free socks to an army veteran who helps Michigan veterans in need. Her name is Deni, and she is giving Maggie’s cushion socks to her volunteer team that is tirelessly building and delivering care packages for the needy during this turbulent time.
Collage of two photos, both photos show a Starbucks employee holding up Maggie’s socks. The text next to them reads: Entry three. A young Dexter local named Megan, wanted to pay it forward to all the hard workers on the frontlines at Busch’s Fresh Food Market in Dexter, Michigan. She delivered a bunch of Maggie’s organic socks for their store manager to distribute to the staff at the store. Pictured are Niki and Elaina, two of the store’s Starbucks employees.
A group of people in hospital scrubs holding up letters on paper that spell out the phrase “Thank you”. The text next to them reads: Entry four. A surgical nurse named Julie from Cass City, Michigan, donated thirty pairs of our new Biodiversity Footie Socks to the University of Michigan’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. These socks were specifically given to the phlebotomist department. Their department is at high risk as they deal with patient blood. They are often pulling double shifts and assisting other departments during the pandemic.
Picture of a green sign outside for Mid Carolina Internal Medicine. Text next to it reads: Entry five. Our fifth second entry was from a gentleman named Steve, from Charleston, South Carolina. He chose to give his extra pairs to the doctor’s office in his community. Mid Carolina Internal Medicine Lexington Medical Center. The staff member he spoke to was very excited and appreciative of his sock donation. As the office has strict rules on entry, a candid photo was ot available.
A collage of three photos. The top photo shows three medical professionals wearing assorted Maggie’s socks. The bottom left photo is a circle of feet all wearing different Maggie’s socks. The bottom right photo is a group of people all holding up Maggie’s socks. The text next to the collage reads: Entry six. A patient care technician named Kennedy, from Dexter, Michigan, donated twelve pairs of her socks to her department at the Lloyd Carr Cancer Center at C. S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor. The socks were shared with her fellow patient care technicians, and the nurses in her department. Their team is currently working twelve hour shifts and were excited to receive some fun and comfortable socks.
A brown cardboard box filled with Maggie’s Biodiversity Footie socks. The text next to it reads: Entry seven. Our seventh entry is from an individual named K. M. They shared with us that they
A woven basket filled with assorted Maggie’s socks and attached is a handwritten note that says Thank you. Text next to the basket reads: Our eighth entry was from a customer of ours, Holly. She shared with us that she is giving hers
Two people stand outside of a building holding a basket of Maggie’s socks. The photo contains added text that says “ @ Maggies Organics “ and also “ @ Hamburg Fire “. The text next to the photo reads: Our Ninth entry was from a gentleman, named Kevin, from Hamburg, Michigan. He chose to share his free socks with the Hamburg fire department.
A picture of a pile of packages and a couple of Maggie’s tie dye colorful crew socks. Text next to the photo reads: Entry ten. Our tenth entry was from a customer of ours, Alice. She sent us this photo and shared with us that she is
A photo of a person in a blue shirt handing a pair of Maggie’s socks to another person. The text next to them reads: Entry eleven. Our eleventh entry was from a customer, named Marcia. She chose to share her free socks with the unhoused via first Congo Oakland.
A photo of a person sitting in the back of a pickup truck with several Maggie’s socks spilling out of her backpack. The text next to her reads: Entry twelve. Our twelfth entry was from a customer of ours, named Suzanne. She thanked us
Reviews. What people are saying. “It will be an honor to give away some of these free extra socks to those on the frontlines”. “I just did this. Thank you for doing this. I just ordered ten pairs and five will be going to my community’s homeless shelter ~ Susan”. “Thank you so much. Very excited to gift these for Easter! Your promotion is so wonderful, we really appreciate it”. “OMG that is so nice! Especially during these times of trouble.Thank you for your quick reply and warming my heart today. ~Jeanne”. (Customer didn’t know about the BOGO and was surprised by the extra socks). “Your socks are the best! I have been looking for comfortable cotton socks for women for ten years. Where have you been all my life? Keep up the good work and stay safe”. “Thank you for your generosity! We wish to order ten pairs of socks to receive twenty pairs”. “I appreciate it. Thank you for the wonderful quality clothes and stay safe out there”. “I understand that when I buy one, I receive one free with no limits, so hoping to receive eight pairs. Love these socks”.
“Thank you so much for the free sock promo! I am mailing socks out to friends I can't hug in person, but who could use some warm rainbow hugs on their feet. I'm reusing old envelopes so that I don't create new waste. ~ Alice”. “Thank you so much for your generosity in spreading cheer one sock at a time! ~Millie”. “These are the best socks I have ever owned. I just received my first order of them today. Had to get more (classic crews) Thank you :) stay safe ~ Cameron”. “Thank you once again for offering the two for one sock deal for the month of April. I can’t wait to share more! ~ Adaria who loves your socks”. “What a great surprise to get buy one and give one deal in my last order. My wife’ name is Maggie and we try to buy organic whenever possible. She’s been rocking your socks since grade school by the way. ~Lane”. “Thank you for the amazing gift! I wish you all the very best in all ways. ~Carol”. “Such a great gesture and I look forward to sharing these socks with those on the frontline and those in need!! ~ A Happy Customer”. “I have just sent off a box full of your "free" socks to a womens' shelter North of San Diego. I know they will get as much satisfaction from them as I have. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be extra generous in these challenging times.~ K. M. “. “
“Thank you so much for your extra socks! I gave mine to a neighborhood group that is making care packages for the nurses and front line medical workers at our local hospital. Thanks for a great initiative! Hope you are selling a lot of socks!”. “Wonderful what you are doing!”. “Seeing Maggie’s Organics continued success brings glowing joy to my heart”. “Sending good thoughts to the whole Maggie’s crew. You all are the best!”. “Thank you for the duplicates. I have neighbors who could really use some high quality socks, and it will feel really good to get new ones myself and gift the others. They will be happily surprised! Thanks so much and stay healthy!”. “Thank you Maggie’s for the wonderful sock special of buy one, get one free! You rock”. “To all at Maggie's organics I have been wearing your crew socks/ athletic socks to work for years now. Currently classified as a "front line worker' I function as a recovery room nurse. Your offer to give extra will fill the locker for my hospital's PACU overflowing to the OR, Cath lab as well. We are grateful, having been required to work long hours in ever increasing for profit hospitals. It is with gratitude we thank all of you to notice and understand if our customer service skills aren't up to par on hour 15. My sincere thanks again. ~ Joan, RN”.
for being part of the best Sunday since Shelter in Place!" Her daughter has special needs, and she took her out for a tailgate picnic at a ranch local to their area. When they arrived at the ranch she gave her four pairs of socks. "She doesn't speak but her smiles say it all. This was the best Sunday during this trying time! Thanks for making the best socks ever! Soft. Organic. Beauteous!"


Help to feed the hungry with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

In this extraordinary year, we are once again humbled by the support of our customers, and by their willingness to always help us give back. For Maggie’s December ’20 giving program, we are thrilled to have found an organization near our warehouse that helps so many of our neighbors in need.

Serving families in need since 1981, the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan has grown to provide 30 million pounds of food, nearly half of which are fresh foods such as produce, dairy, and protein. Working through a network of more than 700 Hunger Relief Partners, including local food pantries, soup kitchens, and schools, the Food Bank impacts more than 331,000 people who struggle with hunger throughout 22 eastern Michigan counties. Thanks to their relationships with food suppliers, FBEM is able to provide 6 meals for every $1 we donate.

Now through December 20th, we’re giving 10% off Variety Paks, plus $10 bonus cash for each Variety Pak you buy. We’ll also donate 18 meals for each 3-pair Variety Pak you buy or 24 meals for each 4-pair Variety Pak you buy.
Click here to shop.

Collage of five photos. Left photo is an infographic with text that reads: Six meals provided for every dollar donated. Top middle photo is a logo depicting the lower peninsula of Michigan with text that reads: Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Bottom middle photo shows people moving boxes of food onto a truck. Bottom right photo shows boxes loaded into a professional kitchen. Top right photo shows a person giving food to a young child.

Eco-Friendly Shipping with Grow Ahead

Carbon Responsible Shipping: For $1 you are planting a tree and balancing the carbon footprint of shipping to your doorstep.

We have partnered with Grow Ahead, a non-profit that partners with local farmer-run cooperatives, to plant trees in community-led reforestation projects that benefit people and the planet.

Maggie’s Organics gives you the option to plant a tree and take responsibility for the carbon footprint of shipping to your doorstep. Planting a tree is the gift that keeps on giving, leaving the planet better than you found it.

Help us make a positive impact. Plant a tree with your order for $1.

By selecting Carbon Responsible Shipping for $1.00 you are planting a tree to balance the carbon emissions of shipping your order.

Grow Ahead is a non-profit that connects people directly to small-scale farmer organizations to support them as they combat climate change in their communities. Grow Ahead partners with local farmer-run cooperatives to support community-led reforestation projects that benefit people and the planet.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues the world is facing and it is clear that we cannot go on with business as usual. Deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15-18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agroforestry is a solution working for farmers and the planet. Agroforestry is a way of planting trees, cash crops (like coffee and cocoa) and food together in a food-forest system. This allows farmers to restore water and nutrients to their soil, increasing production of food and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. By planting trees in agroforestry systems, farmers can meet the needs of their communities, while protecting the climate.


Help Endangered Species.

Maggie’s is proud to partner with the Center for Biological Diversity. The Center works to secure a future for all species on the brink of extinction using science, law and creative media.

10% of your purchase of Organic Cotton Biodiversity Footie Socks helps protect lands, waters and climate that endangered species need to survive so that those who come after us inherit a world which supports animal and plant diversity.


Help Save the Bees!

Feel good about wearing Maggie's Bee Keeper Socks for more than just their style and comfort.

10% of our sales from every pair of the Bee Keeper Socks will be donated to the Pollinator Partnership Bigger than Bees Program.

More than 200,000 species of pollinators are critical to the growth of our food supply. Without them, we would go hungry as they bring us 1 out of every 3 bites of food. Learn more about how you can help at


Helping the Fight Against Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans!

For 27+ years, Maggie's has been committed to making accessories, and clothing from organic fibers ethically and sustainably. We approach our business with an honest effort to minimize our exploitation of resources, reducing our carbon footprint … protecting our people, our planet, and our oceans.

This Earth Month, we’re partnering with stores nationwide with our NEW Give Back Footie Display! This display will be available in select stores on April 1st, 2019 and will showcase our vibrant, cushy, organic cotton footie socks in 8 NEW Limited Edition styles!

We’ve partnered with Clear Blue Sea, who will receive 5% of all proceeds from the Limited Edition footie socks purchased. These donations will directly help fight plastic pollution in our oceans.

Clear Blue Sea is a nonprofit dedicated to cleansing the oceans of plastic pollution. Their innovation is a solar-powered, semi-autonomous marine robot called FRED - the Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris. Their staff is comprised of founder-managers, student interns, volunteers, and senior advisers. They are all collaborating on initiatives to increase awareness of the environmental crisis of ocean plastic pollution and develop fleets of FREDs for ocean cleanup. Learn more at


Maggie's Gives Socks, 2018!

For Thank you for purchasing socks during our one-for-one sock drive! For every pair of Maggie’s made-in-the-USA socks purchased on our website during December 2018, we donated one pair to organizations working with those in need. Because of our customer's generosity, we were able to donate over 4,000 pairs of socks! As part of our ongoing commitment to responsible and ethical business operations, these donations had a direct and immediate impact on the lives of people in communities near & far.

In Michigan, Maggie’s donated socks to eight local charities: Michigan Vet Foundation, Piquett Square for Veterans, Love a MI Vet, Crates for Vets, Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan, Ypsi Gathering Space, Safe House Center, and Ozone House. The charities selected are a collaborative between local veteran’s outreach centers, women’s shelters, youth initiatives, and advocates for the homeless. Maggie's also donated socks to Soles4Souls, a non-profit social enterprise based in Nashville, Tennessee. Their work creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of socks, shoes, and clothing around the globe.


STAND With Small Family Farmers!

For 27+ years, Maggie's Socks have been the result of all the hands that make them - from the organic family farmers who grow the cotton to the US workers who sew the toe seams. Today small-scale family farmers are under siege, being most vulnerable to unpredictable weather (alternating drought and monsoon rains) brought about by our changing climate.

It's time we took a STAND to help our farmers face these challenges.

20% of the sales of every pair of STAND Socks will be donated to to help small-scale family farmers mitigate the effects of climate change. STAND with us . . . together we can make a difference. 


Catholic Relief Services (CRS)


Catholic Relief Services is an international humanitarian organization working to end poverty and promote the well-being of people around the world. Right now, CRS is supporting refugee families forced from their homes by violence and persecution. Through local partners around the world, CRS provides food, shelter, social services—and hope for their journey.

CRS joined the global Share the Journey campaign launched by Pope Francis to inspire communities to build relationships with refugees and migrants, and care for their neighbors in the United States and around the world. You can learn more about how to participate at

20% of the sales of every pair of Share the Journey Socks will be donated to Catholic Relief Services work with refugees and migrants. So, each step you take in these fair trade organic cotton socks is a step toward dignity, safety, and love for refugees and migrants around the world. 

Your dollars go directly to Catholic Relief Services's initiatives like this one, which is helping to provide basic needs for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Read more here:

December 2017 Share the Journey Socks Update:  Donations to date are just under $5000 and enable Catholic Relief Services to do all the good things they do!  Thank you for your support! 


Maggie's Gives Socks!

For every pair of socks purchased during the month of December, Maggie's is donating a pair to an organization supporting the homeless in our community. So far, Maggie's has donated 500 pair to to Ann Arbor, Michigan. By the end of the month, we hope to donate an additional 1500 pair to


Peruvian Organic Cotton farmers

Climate change is impacting small farmers all over the world. After losing an entire group of organic growers in Nicaragua, Maggie's organic cotton farmers in the Chincha valley of Peru are now in crisis. Drought left many of the fields damaged and usable.  Then the rains came too heavy and too fast. To help deal with this unprecedented calamity, Maggie's is donating $3 from the sale of a select assortment of garments from our Spring and Fall Apparel collection.

On average, each small family farmer needs $270 worth of water during planting season to produce 1500 pounds of our Organic Cotton yarn.  Small scale organic farmers do not normally irrigate, but rely on historically natural rainy seasons. These seasons are now unreliable. Maggie's donation will go towards helping our Peruvian Organic Cotton farmers securing water for next years planting season.

September 2017, Peruvian Farmer Update:  Maggie's is happy to report that thanks to our committed customers, we were able to write our first check to our Peruvian farmer partners. We recently issued a $1400 gift to assist them in buying seed for next season. We hope this is the first of many!


Fair Trade in Fashion Contest

Recently, Maggie's donated 300 t-shirts to a Cincinnati-area Fair Trade in Fashion Contest designed for students to help educate their fellow students about the importance of Real Fair Trade. The winners are inspiring! There is hope for our future when you hear what these contest winners have to say about Real Fair Trade: