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Maggie's believes in supporting the people and projects that are important to us as a company. See what's on our list! 

STAND With Small Family Farmers!

For 26+ years, Maggie's Socks have been the result of all the hands that make them - from the organic family farmers who grow the cotton to the US workers who sew the toe seams. Today small-scale family farmers are under siege, being most vulnerable to unpredictable weather (alternating drought and monsoon rains) brought about by our changing climate.

It's time we took a STAND to help our farmers face these challenges.

20% of the sales of every pair of STAND Socks will be donated to to help small-scale family farmers mitigate the effects of climate change. STAND with us . . . together we can make a difference. 


Catholic Relief Services (CRS)


Catholic Relief Services is an international humanitarian organization working to end poverty and promote the well-being of people around the world. Right now, CRS is supporting refugee families forced from their homes by violence and persecution. Through local partners around the world, CRS provides food, shelter, social services—and hope for their journey.

CRS joined the global Share the Journey campaign launched by Pope Francis to inspire communities to build relationships with refugees and migrants, and care for their neighbors in the United States and around the world. You can learn more about how to participate at

20% of the sales of every pair of Share the Journey Socks will be donated to Catholic Relief Services work with refugees and migrants. So, each step you take in these fair trade organic cotton socks is a step toward dignity, safety, and love for refugees and migrants around the world. 

Your dollars go directly to Catholic Relief Services's initiatives like this one, which is helping to provide basic needs for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Read more here:

December 2017 Share the Journey Socks Update:  Donations to date are just under $5000 and enable Catholic Relief Services to do all the good things they do!  Thank you for your support! 


Maggie's Gives Socks!

For every pair of socks purchased during the month of December, Maggie's is donating a pair to an organization supporting the homeless in our community. So far, Maggie's has donated 500 pair to to Ann Arbor, Michigan. By the end of the month, we hope to donate an additional 1500 pair to


Help Save the Bees!

Bee populations are declining rapidly worldwide. We depend on bees and other pollinators for 1 in 3 bites of food. Learn how you can help at

20% of the sales of every pair of The Bee Keeper Socks will be donated to the Friends of the Earth Bee Action program.

 September 2017 Bee Keeper Sock Update:  We just sent our second check to the Friends of the Earth Bee Action Committee for $3900! We are so happy to be supporting such a great cause and that the Bee Keeper Socks have been so popular!

 June 15, 2017 Bee Keeper Sock Update:   Thank you committed customers! Sales of our beloved Bee Keeper Socks are off to a great start! Thanks to you, we just wrote our first check to Friends of the Earth Bee Action Committee for nearly $3500! We hope this is the first of many.

 December 2017 Bee Keeper Sock Update:  We were able to make an additional donation of $5200 by December of 2017, thanks to your purchases! Help us by spreading the word!


Peruvian Organic Cotton farmers

Climate change is impacting small farmers all over the world. After losing an entire group of organic growers in Nicaragua, Maggie's organic cotton farmers in the Chincha valley of Peru are now in crisis. Drought left many of the fields damaged and usable.  Then the rains came too heavy and too fast. To help deal with this unprecedented calamity, Maggie's is donating $3 from the sale of a select assortment of garments from our Spring and Fall Apparel collection.

On average, each small family farmer needs $270 worth of water during planting season to produce 1500 pounds of our Organic Cotton yarn.  Small scale organic farmers do not normally irrigate, but rely on historically natural rainy seasons. These seasons are now unreliable. Maggie's donation will go towards helping our Peruvian Organic Cotton farmers securing water for next years planting season.

September 2017, Peruvian Farmer Update:  Maggie's is happy to report that thanks to our committed customers, we were able to write our first check to our Peruvian farmer partners. We recently issued a $1400 gift to assist them in buying seed for next season. We hope this is the first of many!


Fair Trade in Fashion Contest

Recently, Maggie's donated 300 t-shirts to a Cincinnati-area Fair Trade in Fashion Contest designed for students to help educate their fellow students about the importance of Real Fair Trade. The winners are inspiring! There is hope for our future when you hear what these contest winners have to say about Real Fair Trade:


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