This Earth Day, Choose Organic

19th Apr 2023

This Earth Day, Choose Organic

What is soft, comfy, and good for the people and the planet? If you guessed organic products, you’d be correct! At Maggie’s, we do business as if every day is Earth Day. While that commitment takes on different meanings, our biggest commitment to ensuring ethically-sourced products is by using organic materials.

These days it seems as if everything has an organic option, but what really distinguishes our organic products from conventional, non-organic ones? To start, it means the growing process of materials like cotton and wool are clean. We partner with small family-farmers around the world who use agricultural techniques that avoid chemicals and pesticides, ensuring the farmers, workers, and wearers are handling and using products that protect the Earth and themselves. Unlike conventional, dirty agriculture, organic farming poses no health threats from the use or production of agrochemicals. In fact,  organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals to control pests, except in extreme cases. Instead, natural predators and intercropping are used to control pests and special machinery and fire control handle weeds. Many farmers also receive more profits from organic premiums, making it more economically sustainable, too.

While you can feel good about honoring the planet and those who make your clothes with any Maggie’s purchase, we’ve decided to pay it forward, too. From helping in and around our own community in Michigan to the communities of our business partners thousands of miles away, we proudly and transparently give back. The best part? We’ve dedicated some of our products so you can be a part of giving back, too!

This Earth Week, here are a few of the ways you can give back while also sporting ethically-sourced, fun products!

Help Save the Bees! 

With Maggie’s Bee Keeper Socks, you can feel good about wearing them for more than just their style and comfort! Did you know without bees, we would go hungry as they bring us 1 out of every 3 bites of food? That’s why 10% of our sales from every pair of the  Bee Keeper Socks will be donated to the Pollinator Partnership Bigger than Bees Program. Learn more about how you can help at

Help Endangered Species! 

We’re also proud to partner with the Center for Biological Diversity. The Center works to secure a future for all species on the brink of extinction using science, law and creative media. As part of our partnership with the Center for Biological Diversity, 10% of your purchase of our Organic Cotton Biodiversity Footie Socks helps protect lands, waters and climate that endangered species need to survive and so that future generations inherit a world which supports animal and planet diversity.