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Organic Cotton Cushion Crew Socks


Our mid-calf organic cotton cushion crew socks have a plush padded foot-bed that cushions each step. Thin enough for dressing up. Gentle snug & cushy fit.  





WFTOorganic cotton made in usa

What Our Customers Say 33 product reviews

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  1. Finally found cotton socks!

    Posted by Diane on 11th May 2020

    No store carries cotton socks anymore; so pleased to find Maggie's, and a bonus that they use organic materials and are a socially responsible company. Socks are comfortable, love the cushion.

  2. Favorite socks!

    Posted by Ruth M on 8th May 2020

    I ordered some of the cushioned crew socks because these are what I wear with jeans, etc. I was so impressed by the cushiony bottom and quality of the socks overall. I then ordered more during the sale, and shared with my mom, sister and daughter. They all loved them as well !

  3. Soft & nicely cushioned

    Posted by Teresa on 4th May 2020

    I burned the bottom of my feet a year ago and although they are healed they are still very tender. These are the only socks I can wear on walks and running. They are very soft and cushioned and the only socks that do not irritate my feet. I have been wearing Maggie's socks for decades and love them!!!

  4. Cushy footbed

    Posted by Lynne on 24th Apr 2020

    soft, the stripe!

  5. Comfy

    Posted by Bonnie on 9th Feb 2020

    Love these socks. Love the color (I bought grey/black and navy/blue stripe). I wear size 9.5 shoe so bought size 10-13. They weren't too big but very comfy. Washed up well too without shrinking altho' it's only been one washing so far. I didn't put them in the dryer, btw. And they stay up. 5 stars!

  6. vegan daughter crazy about the socks

    Posted by k a t on 9th Dec 2019

    My daughter loves these cushioned socks. They are her absolute favorites. She loves the extra cushion that keeps her feet comfortable. She also loves knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this product. And also that the humans creating the products are paid fairly and treated well.

  7. Nice Socks

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2019

    These are thinner and slightly tighter at the top than both the crew and ragg style socks as another reviewer stated but because of that I went up a size to the 10 x 13 (I wear a size 8 shoe). The cushion style socks and cushion footie tends to work out best in size 10 x 13. I also think this is a sock you want to air dry for best results to eliminate shrinkage and so it will last longer. The tightness not an issue for me as I generally scrunch my socks down a bit for daytime wear which I will use this one for. I love the thinner purple stripes.

  8. Awesome socks!

    Posted by Joy on 17th Oct 2019

    I so love these comfy, wondrous socks. They feel great when I put them on and hours later. Thank you.

  9. Very comfortable.

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2019

    These socks are spacious and good looking.

  10. Best socks this 66 year old has ever worn

    Posted by J.D. on 1st May 2019

    These socks stay up. ! Even after washing. They
    feel great - very soft. For a couple of months I've
    worn them many times and I ordered more after
    first buying a pair in a store. And they are sooo cute.

  11. Organic Cotton Crew Socks

    Posted by Randy Comer on 25th Feb 2019

    These socks are well made and I will use them for cycling, everyday wear and working out. They feel good in my work boots.

  12. Soft, Comfortable Socks

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2018

    I purchased my first purple striped (I love the color) socks while on vacation. I liked them so much that I ordered four more pair; two for myself and two pair for my daughters to try. I found the socks to be very comfortable, enough stretch, and not tight on either the foot or leg. I followed the washing instructions and the socks look brand new following each wash. Thank you for this excellent product!

  13. Great socks!

    Posted by Nancy on 29th Dec 2018

    I haven’t worn my new socks yet, but am very satisfied with an earlier pair of Maggie’s striped cushioned socks. I machine wash then air dry them. The cushioning has remained cushy!

  14. Great socks but they roll a little

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2018

    I love this company's ethos, and the socks are very nice. Well-made and comfortable with good colors. The only downside is that the ribbed part at the top is a little too narrow, so if I haven't pulled them up to just the right amount, they sometimes roll down from the top. I have very thick calves, though, so that might not happen for other people. It probably happens about half the time, or a little less. And, on the plus side, the rest of the time they stay up but don't cut off your circulation the way a too-tight elastic/ribbed section can. Overall a really good product that I would buy again, but in my perfect world the ribbed section would be a little wider (maybe an inch instead of 1/2 inch) so they wouldn't roll down quite so often.

  15. snuggly color

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2018

    I love the cushioning and the fact that they come in different colors.

  16. Feels Gorgeous, a Bit Tight at Top

    Posted by Juli on 18th Sep 2018

    Colors are gorgeous, and feels so soft and cushy. The elastic at top is a tiny bit tight.

  17. Super soft cushioned happy feet

    Posted by Elena C on 12th Jul 2018

    I live in NYC and we walk a lot. These socks are my all-weather protection against sore feet. Nice colors and oh so soft. : )

  18. Top of sock is a bit tight

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Mar 2018

    I really like Maggie’s organic socks. I would rate them 5 stars if they were a little looser at the top. I’m probably a bit heavier in the calf than many and they constrict me a bit.

  19. Very comfortable, well-made.

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2018

    I'm very pleased with these socks. They look great, and feel very comfortable thanks to the cushioning; it's thick enough to make the socks more comfortable without being too thick. The colors are great. Knowing that they are a sustainable, fair trade product makes wearing them even better!

  20. Very Comfy!

    Posted by A. on 5th Feb 2018

    They are comfortable and fit well. I am a size 8 shoe and have a medium.

  21. Comfy sock

    Posted by Dawn on 7th Dec 2017

    Very comfy and durable, the color is long lasting. I wish they were just an inch or two longer.

  22. I love these socks!

    Posted by Sharon on 5th Dec 2017

    I have bought these before and wanted more. They are very comfortable and fit well. Usually socks sized 7-11 are too big for me. I love the colors. They are cool! The right thickness for my sneakers.

  23. good socks

    Posted by Sharon on 5th Sep 2017

    The socks are soo comfortable and they do fit well. Often, one size fits all are too big for me. Love the colors, too!

  24. Gorgeous socks

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Apr 2017

    These are gorgeous socks, super comfy and I got the gorgeous rich purple stripey colour. Non-toxic dyes and organic cotton too! Excellent quality.

  25. great

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Feb 2017

    They are wonderful socks and I love the stripes.

  26. So Comfy

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2016

    I have been wearing the Maggie's cushioned cotton socks for years, this is my second round (noticed this batch is a little thinner, maybe?). I work on my feet 9-10 hours a day and the cushioned sole adds just that right amount of comfort and support. Thank you Maggie's

  27. I Love Maggie's Organic Socks!

    Posted by Christine on 17th Jan 2016

    From my title, you can see that I am quite fond of Maggie's organic cotton socks! They are so comfy that once you put them on, you'll never want to take them off! I've decided to treat myself and wear only "her" socks. They especially help me get through those long Wednesdays at work! Why suffer with other brands? Maggie's are the best!

  28. Great colors, good material

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Dec 2015

    The material is a nice thickness so that my feet still fit in my shoes and my feet stay warmer than with other socks. I like the colors too!

  29. All time fav

    Posted by Mae on 4th Nov 2015

    I have been wearing theses socks for years. I love them.

  30. Comfortable, Fun Socks

    Posted by Linda on 13th Jul 2015

    My order for 2 pairs of Maggies Organic Cotton Striped Socks arrived quickly, and met my expectations. I've worn Maggies socks for many years, but this is the first time to try the striped cushion crews. They fit well, are comfortable, and the stripes are fun. And, I love that they were made in the USA!

  31. These are amazing!

    Posted by Chris on 9th Dec 2014

    The last socks I bought from Maggie's, many, many years ago, were good, thick, durable socks, but not at all suitable for wearing with my work shoes. I decided to give these a try, and from the moment I first put them on, that was my thought - these are amazing! So comfortable! I think I have every color now, and even bought some for my adult children to try. Even though usually they would never wear something their mother would, I think they will this time. And if not, maybe I'll get a few more socks!

  32. Ultra comfortable and organic!

    Posted by JP on 9th Dec 2014

    Extremely soft cushiony feel when you walk or when standing for long periods. They're soft, but also very durable. This is maybe the fifth or sixth pair we've bought and we still have all the others; we just keep replacing other brands we owned before, and soon will have an all-Maggie's sock drawer.

  33. My most comfortable socks!

    Posted by Lisanna on 15th Nov 2014

    Lately I've been switching over some of my essential clothing items (socks, underwear) to organic cotton. I initially found these at PCC Natural Markets and fell in love with them, so I came here to buy more! They are so comfortable and wonderfully cushy. I have some in almost every color!