Organic Cotton Socks - Allergy Crew

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Our mid-calf 99.8% organic cotton allergy crew sock contains only 0.2% Spandex (at the top of the sock). Ideal for individuals with acute skin sensitivity. Special sizing due to construction; see size chart.





WFTOorganic cotton made in usa

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    Amazing Lounge socks

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2018

    These are my favorite socks for just hanging around the house as they make great lounge socks either alone or with slippers. I Bought 3 pairs several years ago and will buy more soon as I'm on my last pair. They last a long time and wear well. I just wish there were more color options.

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    Great natural, plain socks

    Posted by Andrea on 5th Dec 2018

    I usually wear standard Hanes socks but since I’ve been trying to move to 100% fully organic cotton socks, it’s been hard to find a brand that isn’t just thin cotton. I like the thicker, dryer feeling that the Hanes socks offer hit they also have synthetic materials which I dislike. These socks are a great alternative! They’re thicker like a standard sock but no synthetic materials! Others commented that these run large so to get a size down. I did not experience that. I’m a size 7.5 shoe, ordered the size small and it fits pretty exact to where it should be on my heel. I’m thinking about trying the medium but I think the heel slips a little. My husband wears size 12-12.5 shoe and has size XL. I would love to see these allergy (99.8%) socks available in an Ankle Sock version!

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    Pure Organic Softness BUT Fit Is Loose

    Posted by A on 20th Nov 2018

    I appreciate the pure 100% organic cotton. I loved the soft feel on my foot but know they are a generous size, not true fit. They also don’t have any synthetic elastic, so they instantly slouch down your calf to your ankle. The only way they look presentable with shoes is to fold them down. I will buy them again. I have the right expectation now.

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    Good socks!

    Posted by Linda Squires on 24th Oct 2018

    When I looked at the socks, I thought they were a little big for me. I washed them and they fit fine.

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    allergy softness

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2018

    Finally these come in black too! They feel so soft, but the fit is not as good as some of your socks and you were out of my size, so I'm hoping they shrink.

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    Recommend but with reservations

    Posted by B on 1st Dec 2017

    I own three pairs and plan to buy more. But realize that these socks are not for everyone. 100% socks do not hug your feet the same way that socks made with synthetic textiles do. I don't mind that. But some people might. Also when you have socks that don't contain a more resilient fabric like nylon, they wear out faster. Remember how grandma used to "darn" holes in socks. That's a handy skill to have if you decide to wear 100% cotton socks. I'm not saying these socks are not well made, they are incredibly well made. I'm just saying that's the nature of the material. So I make it a point to not walk around in my socks much, but try to wear slippers with my socks so they last longer. Ultimately, I love these socks and plan on having a whole draw of them because I'm on a zero-waste kick, and want to have all my clothing be made from natural materials that are compostable. Plus they're soft and comfy. I would definitely recommend buying a size smaller than what the chart recommends or they will just be saggy and too big.

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    buy a size down

    Posted by B on 5th Sep 2017

    I wear a size 10 shoe, so I bought a medium size sock (per the instructions on the sizing chart). It's way too big. I've even tried washing it in warm water, drying them in the dryer to shrink them. Part of the problem may be that I have very narrow slender feet and dainty ankles. So the socks maybe the right size length-wise, but width-wise they're too big. The material is great though, I might try buying again, but this time I'd purchase a smaller size.

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    Best Socks You Can Find!

    Posted by Milton on 4th May 2017

    If you have sensitive feet or have allergies, these are the best socks you can find. They are long lasting and are very comfortable to wear all day.

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    A great one

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Feb 2017

    I am loving all the socks I bought.