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Our hypoallergenic socks are ideal for individuals with acute skin sensitivity, our mid-calf allergy crew socks are made from 99.8% organic cotton with only 0.2% spandex in a thin band at the top to keep the sock in place. Constructed to provide a loose, generous fit. We like to say our Allergy Crews fit like a mitten, while our Classic Crews fit like a glove.

Allergy Crews have special sizing; see size chart. For a snugger fit, consider sizing down.

  • Since 1992, all cotton socks proudly knit and dyed in the USA
  • 99.8% organic cotton/0.2% spandex
  • Machine wash warm, medium dry

Our one-of-a-kind Real Fair Trade pledge is our promise to treat people, materials, and products with care and love.

Real Fair TradeWorld Fair Trade Organization Guaranteed Fair Trade Memberorganic cotton   Knit and Dyed in the USA

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  • 5
    Softest cotton sock

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2020

    Wonderful quality and feel.

  • 5
    Love these socks

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2019

    These socks make my feet feel great

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Nov 2019

    Great socks

  • 4
    good sock

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2019

    great material quality. nice lightweight breathable yet slighty chunky rib. very minimal eleastic which i like, but makes for a loose looking sock. would be nice if they could incorporate this same work into a short above ankle sock.

  • 5
    Sensitive Socks Work For Me

    Posted by Maya Lane on 12th Jul 2019

    I have burning feet all the time, they hurt alot. My lower legs also hurt with nerve pain. The sensitive socks definitely help my feet. When I wear any other socks they set the neuropathy symptoms off immediately. These socks are really different from the other Maggies Organic Cotton socks. I now have 2 pairs of sensitive Maggies socks and just order 4 more pairs of sensitive organic socks (Maggies), Yeah!

  • 5
    So soft!

    Posted by K T on 25th Jun 2019

    These socks are so soft and comfortable! They seem to stay up well and the fit was really good! :)

  • 5
    Awesome organic socks!

    Posted by milt on 29th Apr 2019

    These are the best socks you can find for sensitive skin. I wish i could find the same organic cotton in men's T shirts.

  • 4
    Amazing Lounge socks

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2018

    These are my favorite socks for just hanging around the house as they make great lounge socks either alone or with slippers. I Bought 3 pairs several years ago and will buy more soon as I'm on my last pair. They last a long time and wear well. I just wish there were more color options.

  • 5
    Great natural, plain socks

    Posted by Andrea on 5th Dec 2018

    I usually wear standard Hanes socks but since I’ve been trying to move to 100% fully organic cotton socks, it’s been hard to find a brand that isn’t just thin cotton. I like the thicker, dryer feeling that the Hanes socks offer hit they also have synthetic materials which I dislike. These socks are a great alternative! They’re thicker like a standard sock but no synthetic materials! Others commented that these run large so to get a size down. I did not experience that. I’m a size 7.5 shoe, ordered the size small and it fits pretty exact to where it should be on my heel. I’m thinking about trying the medium but I think the heel slips a little. My husband wears size 12-12.5 shoe and has size XL. I would love to see these allergy (99.8%) socks available in an Ankle Sock version!