26th Apr 2024

Behind the Label: The Journey of the Classic Crew Tee

Take a look Behind the Label and learn how our Classic Crew Neck Tee is made.


  • The journey begins with Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton grown in the Odisha region of India by the Chetna group. ROC™ is a farm level certification that prioritizes soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness. The base requirement for ROC™ is to be GOTS Certified. 


  • The harvested cotton is processed to remove short fibers, field trash, and seeds. The gin only processes organic fibers, ensuring our cotton isn’t contaminated by pesticides. 


  • During the spinning process, cotton bales are transformed into thin rope-like strands in a process called carding, then spun into yarn.


  • In Kolkata, India, our organic yarn is expertly knit into fabric using circular knitting machines. We collaborate closely with our knitters to ensure each style has the perfect stretch and recovery. 


  • At a third-generation family-owned, zero-waste mill in Noida, India, the Classic Crew Neck Tee takes shape. We work closely with the cut and sew team to maximize efficiency when developing patterns to keep prices and waste low.