10th May 2024

Celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2024

World Fair Trade Day is an annual global celebration of fair trade’s contribution to the fight against poverty, exploitation, and climate change. Each year, the World Fair Trade Organization selects a theme that is relevant to the Fair Trade community. This year, the theme of the campaign is #BusinessRevolution. We believe that the traditional business model can be transformed to prioritize positive impact for people and planet over just profits.

At Maggie's, we're proud to be at the forefront of this #BusinessRevolution. Our commitment to total transparency, total sustainability, and true ethical practices from farm to finish sets us apart in an industry often marked by exploitative practices and environmental harm. Here's how some of our practices are revolutionizing the business landscape:

Direct Relationships: We work directly with organic cotton and wool farmers, guaranteeing them stable prices and our customers consistently high-quality products. Our long-term partnerships ensure mutual benefit and sustainability.

Supporting Local Economies: By processing our own organic yarns and financing dyeing at US facilities, we support US knitters and promote economic resilience. We prioritize cash flow stability for all involved.

Minimizing Waste: We prioritize production efficiency and minimize waste by ordering according to each producer's equipment capacity. This not only reduces environmental impact but also supports sustainable production practices.

Empowering Workers: We involve our sewers and cutters in design decisions and construction processes, empowering them as partners in our vision. This collaborative approach fosters efficiency, higher earnings, and a sense of ownership among our workers.

Climate Action: Recognizing the impact of climate change on farming communities, we invest in alternative income sources and contribute a percentage of our sales to farmer support funds. We share risks with cooperative farmers, ensuring their livelihoods are protected.

Long-Term Commitments: We develop supply chains from the ground up and stay with them as long as they remain viable. Our commitment to long-term partnerships reflects our dedication to sustainability and community development.

Join us in supporting fair trade initiatives and ethical businesses that prioritize people and the planet. Explore fair trade-certified products, advocate for transparent supply chains, and spread awareness about the impact of consumer choices. Together, let's be agents of change in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.