1st Mar 2024

Introducing Maggie's Classics

We’re thrilled to introduce Maggie’s Classics, a collection of wearable soft basics crafted from Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton. Embracing a neutral palette, these wardrobe staples promise durability and style. This line of flattering essentials is made of buttery jersey, cozy mid-weight fleece, and sumptuous terry pieces – each at least 90% ROC™ cotton.

What is Regenerative Organic Certified®?

ROC™ is a holistic farm level certification that focuses on healthy soil, ethical and humane treatment of animals, and fairness for farmers & workers. It emphasizes techniques like cover crops, crop rotation, and agroforestry that help to regenerate, revitalize, and protect our precious soil. ROC™ was created by the Regenerative Organic Alliance to address the climate crisis, soil degradation, biodiversity loss, factory farming, and fractured rural economies globally. Only about a dozen textile brands so far have committed to making ROC™ products, and we are proud to be among them.

Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director of The Regenerative Organic Alliance, describes the essence of Maggie’s in her reflection:

Since I began shopping at natural food co-ops in the early 1990s, I've seen Maggie's as a true expression of Organic as a holistic, socially just, and ecological farming system. It speaks volumes that the clothing business was born out of a commitment to crop rotation - a foundational practice for soil health and crop resilience. Clearly, they were ahead of their time! Meanwhile their ongoing study of challenges in the cotton supply web has led them to the regenerative organic movement, and we are thrilled to see them bring ROC™ cotton to market in an exciting array of new styles.

Elizabeth highlights our foundational commitment to sustainability we have upheld since our start. Our decision to expand beyond the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification to include Regenerative Organic Certified® is part of our Real Fair Trade pledge – our promise to always try to do the right thing for people and planet.

Maggie’s is working to make it easier to say no to fast fashion and greenwashing without sacrificing style.