7th Jun 2024

Behind the Label: Current Conditions in India

Over the past year, we've been deeply engaged with our partners in India—collaborating on designs, refining samples, and prioritizing regenerative organic farming in our new line of everyday basics.

As summer unfolds in Michigan, our products are making their way onto hiking trails and into outdoor gatherings across the United States. Yet, amidst this excitement, our hearts are with our friends and partners in India who've faced significant challenges. We thought you might appreciate knowing more about the situation.

  • Record Heat: Climate change is being felt across the globe with increasing natural disasters and changing weather patterns. In the month of May, India had record high temperatures, up to 122-degrees Fahrenheit! This has severely impacted daily life and posed significant health risks. It has been difficult for workers to commute and work under normal conditions.
  • Cyclone Impact: The first cyclone of the season struck the region with heavy rains flooding the streets, damaging infrastructure, and causing power outages.
  • Lengthy Election Period: The recent extended election period in India has caused logistical and operational slowdowns. This has added another layer of complexity to the situation.

Despite these challenges, our partners have shown resilience and dedication, doing their best to uphold their commitments. We communicate with them frequently and are supporting them in every way we can. Their safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to standing with them through these adversities.

Thank you for being part of the Maggie’s Organics community. Your support and understanding mean a lot to all of us. Together, we can navigate these challenges with compassion and solidarity, honoring the contributions of the people who make our products possible. We are all interconnected.


Sukanya (left), from the Kolkata factory, speaks with our Maggie's President, Sarah (right), during our 2023 visit.